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General Information:

Turtlerock provides design and installation services for masonry heaters, commercial and domestic wood fired bread and pizza ovens, custom metalwork, interior finishes including plasters and stuccos, and general artisan quality masonry projects.

We employ a wide variety of materials in our projects, including brick, tile, concrete, quarried and field stones, clay and cement based plasters, soapstone, steel, and wood.

We typically work within a radius of 1 hours drive from Burlington, VT. More distant projects are possible given proper arrangements.

We work closely with homeowners, architects, general contractors, etc. to specify design of heaters, framing requirements, structural necessities, materials deliveries, and construction schedule from first contact through the first firing of the finished masonry heater and beyond.

The typical masonry heater/bake oven build requires from 1 to 5 weeks construction time, depending upon design. A heater can be built in new construction at any point after the roof is on, given temperatures are adequate for proper curing of mortars. Heaters are built from a plan which emerges during the design stage, a plan which can be as static or as dynamic as required by the whims of builder, client, or other on-site realities. All heaters will require a masonry foundation and proper chimney for exhaust gasses.

We work in new construction and retrofit situations and during all times of the year. Depending on heater design and materials choice, some projects will require that we have adequate space to work in while other projects necessitate simpler set-ups. We strive for good communication with all parties and at all stages of the design/build process.

We have a small forge/smithy set-up in our shop which allows us to perform a variety of metalworking projects. We build all of the dampers, domestic hot water heating coils, intake air deflectors, firebox door jamb protection sheaths, and control handles used in our masonry heater and bake oven projects. We are also able to fabricate custom dampers for other heater masons given ample lead time.

In addition to masonry heater hardware, Turtlerock offers design and fabrication of artistic metalwork. These projects include interior furnishings and finish work, restaurant hardware and décor items, retail displays and signs, etc.

Interior Finishes:
Turtlerock provides specification and installation services for interior wall treatments. We utilize clay plasters, Japanese plasters and stuccos, and traditional plaster and stucco mixes to create unique vertical surfaces in residential and commercial applications.

We are able to work from commercially available products or specify and install custom mixes/colors, from the sample board to the finished wall.

We enjoy the integration of metal, wood, tile, glass, etc into interior finishes and strive to create aesthetically complete environments.

Design Services:
While it is customary for Turtlerock to provide design work for the projects that we build, we are also able to provide design, project support, and consultation services for homeowners, architects, and masons in any locale.

Normally this entails determining the client’s goals, design objectives, and general aesthetics and applying our specific knowledge to develop a set of plans, materials, general information and remote support. We may also fabricate parts for a planned project.


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