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Turtlerock Masonry Heat provides design and installation of masonry heaters, commercial and domestic bake ovens, custom metalwork, interior finishes including plasters and stuccos, and artisan quality general masonry construction.
We seek to merge art with function, join spaces with nature, create healthy interiors, heat homes and cook foods with sustainable resources.

We build structures that evoke emotion and reaction while not abandoning the technical necessities of function and service.

We view materials on a molecular level, open to possibility and invention, making them partners in the human experience.

We seek to make beauty with the human imprint on the world, to use our hands and minds in service of the creative spirit.

William Davenport, artisan

As a child I never envisioned just what my future would hold. I had no clear understanding of what to be when I “grew up”.
When I was around 16 years old I began to create with my hands, and I guess I liked it, because I am still doing it. There has been no other trade or profession strong enough to draw me away. I’m grown up now for sure, and while necessity is a motivator, I am still passionately moved by my trade. My understanding of it settles somewhere deeper inside me. I am beginning to feel how materials combine, transcending levels of intuition and technical constraint.

Fire Box

I am inspired by the works of the first generation of North American heater builders, who began to build heaters in the US and Canada in the 1970’s. I am inspired by the Craftsman style, by generations of fine Japanese artisans, by the architecture of Antoni Gaudi. I am touched by what I see in nature and blessed with love from my family.
There exist about ten minutes of glamour in any project I undertake. The first five minutes of glamour are the “idea”- the bright light coming on, the recognition of the opportunity in a particular design concept. The last five minutes of glamour are the “end”, when the project is complete and I take a few moments to stand and appreciate the work before going home. The rest is a lot of hard work, from the design phase to the completion of construction. Tools are destroyed, fingers are bloodied, bodies are tired, and minds are frayed. There is a joy beneath this struggle in building, and it’s the giddy anticipation of seeing a design vision become a real structure. This is another major source of inspiration.

I am thankful to all who have supported me since I began formally working in the trades in 1996. A humbling experience it has been, with moments of terrific progress and undeniable disasters. It’s been about trusting myself enough to keep going, about following a creative fire inside that does not seem to diminish despite folly. I believe in the creative spirit, it is central to all life, and if I am living well this spirit will shine through my craft.

Please enjoy this website. If you have any questions please contact me and I’ll be happy to chat with you.


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